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Clear meat soup with noodles
Bean soup
Goulash soup Kolozsvár style

Backa style porc filet / cabagge,sour cream and dill ragout/ saffron rice
Hungarian pork filet /paprika and tomatoes with creamy mushroom sauce/ with noodles
Porc filet in breadcrumbs with french potetoes
Roasted pork liver with boiled potatoes

Beef tenderloin "Stroganoff" with potato fritters
Beef stew in red wine “goulash” and speciality noodles

Grilled chicken breast with yogurt dressing salad
Fried chicken breast with blue cheese sauce served with saffron rice
Paprika chicken nokeddlivel
Pancake stuffed with meat in cremy Hungarian sauce

Grilled Trout in garlic butter and parsley potatoes
Catfish soupe Hungarian style

Ice cream with fruit and whipped cream
Chocolate-walnut pancakes
pancakes with jam

Pancakes stuffed with spinach and cheese
Vegetable rice
fitness salad

Cabbage salad
Cucumber salad
Tomato salad
Beetroot salad